Alexandra Degryse — Health Coach

Alexandra Degryse is born in Belgium but has been in Portugal for eleven years. Mother of three, she has changed her diet and views on life&health at a young age: she was only 27 when health problems assaulted some family members, and she was quick to learn: life’s priority must be taking care of ourselves, Body and soul are one and self-love is a practice to preform every day.

She studied on the best nutrition institutes in Europe and United States, and continue to learn and study. She has an active spiritual life, meditating every day and doing soul practices on a daily bases, for many years. She has learned to live with her heart, and that’s why she chose Lisbon to be in love.

A Rockstar Student

Two years ago, I saw a Rolling Stones concert in Lisbon. I was impressed by their physical abilities, at their ages, still so capable of singing, screaming, dancing and jumping for hours. I remember thinking that would be possible without the use of drugs.

When I decided to go back to University, at the age of 45, mother of 3 and owner of a dog and a rabbit, I decided to start a food plan that would give me energy, strong immunity and mental power. That’s why now I share this plan with you, knowing that it will work for students and non-students.

1 No more useless sugar: pastry, cakes, rice and white pastas, even if they don’t have gluten.
2 No more gluten!
3 No more milk, cheese and dairy in general,
4 No more exciting drinks, such as coffee, black tea or chocolate.
5 (Very important): Do eat big doses of vegetables, raw or steamed.

Try it and you will see the improvements in your energy and immunity levels, quality of sleep and mental power. Or try to book a meeting for my 21 days program!