Program 21 days · 200€

Cleanse your body and your mind with food and lifestyle tips

My 21 days program is a powerful approach to clean your body, your mind and start a new lifestyle.

We don’t agree with starvation diets such as low calories, or mono diets that starve your body of necessary nutrients and that more of all are not a long-term option. The program includes all the information to start a whole foods diet, full of vegetable and nutrients.

With the 21 days program you will reboot your whole being and it is an experience that could easily be a lifestyle. That’s the goal.

Benefits may include:
Increase of energy · Mental clarity · Decrease in symptoms or disappearance · Better mood · Reduce inflammation · Immunity boost · Improve sleep · Decrease anxiety · Balance blood sugar levels · Balance your skin · Decrease the water retention · Weight loss – decrease of body fat · General feeling of wellbeing.

What is include:
A brochure with all the information you need to start and to follow the program for 21 days.
Two consultations with me.
An e-mail assistance during the 21 days.