Program 21 days

Tired? Low energy? Weak immunity and the feeling that life is too heavy? With my 21 days program, you will understand how your body and your mind will quickly adapt to essential details. Studies have shown that 21 days is the time that we need to change our habits, and my program will make you deeply better, with guaranteed results.

Gluten*Free Program

Some years ago I took a degree, certified by Dr Tom O’Bryan about what gluten really is. Try to stay away from all the mainstream myths and nonsense: the gluten issue is more complex than any institution will tell you, as each individual has his own reactions to the chemical. Come meet me and let me get to know you. Body and soul should be first gluten aware, and then gluten free.

Refresh my Kitchen

Let me into your house. Let me step into your kitchen. I will throw away the unnecessary and harmful ingredients that you have stored in your fridge. Then, I will replace them with what is really good for you, starting from the basics. I will refresh your diet and offer solutions that will care for you. Breakfast, lunches, dinners. Vegetables that will make you happy, and enough variety for a complete month of healthy living.


Find when and where the next workshop is going to happen, or organize your own. Nutrition and well being Q’s and A’s, on an intimate atmosphere, as usually the groups are small. Proximity and comfort are a must, but group dynamics are also very expansive to one’s path.

Restaurant Auditing

When it comes to the food revolution, restaurants might have the best intention, but lack the knowledge. Restaurant Auditing is now available to them, as I get to know the menus and the workers for a review and suggestions. I will supply good response to modern demands, such as vegan or gluten free dishes, gourmet vegetarian flavours and other healthy&tasty options.

Regenerating retreats

Food and beyond, nutrition for body and soul.
Not only we approach one’s eating habits, as we dive into spiritual practices like yoga, meditation and group dynamics. Get away from toxicities of the cities, and reconnect with nature at unforgettable places and times. We have a full team of mindful and aware staff, ready to guide you through the days and feel deeply better.